Cuban Departure Tax

AFTER MAY 1st, 2015:

Since May 1, 2015 the Cuban Departure Tax will no longer be paid at destination. It should be included in the price of your trip when buying a flight-only or vacation package to Cuba, check with you travel agent, carrier or tour operator.

BEFORE MAY 1st, 2015:

A Departure Tax of 25 CUC (equivalent to $25 USD) wa to be be paid by every traveller when leaving Cuba. Were exempt: Diplomats, Children under 2 years, transit passengers, government employees travelling on duty, crew members travelling on duty.This tax was payable in CASH ONLY, and in no other currency than CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos). In every Cuban airport there were --Departure Tax-- windows near the check-in counters. A hologram sticker was affixed to the back of the boarding pass as proof of payment. Here's a picture example of this stamp:

Cuban departure tax stamp
Cuban Departure Tax Stamp (real size: approximately 1 X 1 inch)

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